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Stock Market Trading

Whether you need an introduction to the basics of stock trading and technical analysis or a primer on day trading stock options, KJM Partnership has a course to help you trade stocks strategically.

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KJM Partnership is very much at the forefront of ensuring you understand how this works even when you start implementing this strategy in a Virtual Account. This way, you discover the upside and downside before placing real funds into your accounts.

We wants to share our proven practical principles with you, expand your knowledge along with providing you with added value so that you can invest with confidence and educate you on sound risk management techniques.

All-inclusive hands-on trading courses from experts in share market trading

Diploma of Share Trading and Investment

The Diploma will give you the confidence and competence to profitably trade the stock market

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Our professional team is on hand to guide you every step of the way – from enrolment through to course completion – to ensure you develop the right skills and knowledge in a supportive environment while working with professionals in their field.

Share Trading Mentor and Coaching

In this course, we teach you the techniques that will enable you to become consistently profitable when trading the stock market

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Many people don’t understand that profitable trading and investing is a mindset focused rather than skill focused. That’s because if your psychology is poor you don’t stand a chance of profiting over the long term. We address this right upfront in the first lesson and continue to reinforce this throughout the course so you finish with the mindset of a trader.

Forex and CFD Course

Our Forex and CFD Trading Course Provides you with the know-how and confidence to profitably trade highly leveraged markets.

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  • Trade the market both long and short
  • Learn powerful techniques to protect your capital
  • Gain confidence with proven and tested strategies
  • Discover how to supplement or replace your income

If you don’t like gambling with your money and you want to take the risk out of trading leveraged markets to build sustainable long term wealth, look no further!

You will gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve your financial goals.

Share Trading Advanced Course

Learn To Trade The Stock Market by A Trading Firm. For: Stocks, Day Trading, Swing Trading and Financial Trading

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This course includes comprehensive advanced material that is required to start trading confidently and effectively. You learn the complete theory behind trading and even better, how to put theory into action. I will teach you how our full time traders are making independent market decisions to produce profitable consistent results. You will get an excellent understanding of the Tools and Techniques used by Professional Traders.

Share Trading Short Term Course

We provides you with a learning environment to ensure you understand and can implement the strategies and methodologies being taught.

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Being able to analyse the direction of the market is critical, irrespective of the market or timeframe you are trading. Working through this module will also help you gain an understanding of how to interpret the psychology of the market using both price and volume.

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